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Younger People not as Green as Previous Generations

As a society, we often think that each generation is more earth-friendly and recycles more than the previous. Unfortunately, a recent study by M/A/R/C and The Integer Group indicates that this is not true.

The study showed that while our younger generation is quick to adopt an eco-friendly mindset, they are not generally willing to fork over extra money for it. Conversely, consumers aged 55 and over are open to investing in more expensive green products.


Personally, I think that we need to look at little further into this report, and here’s why:

This study can be interpreted as how much money each generation has to spend. Older people have been working a lot longer and are established in life; of course they are more able to invest in green products.

The younger generation is finding it very tough in this economy and is most likely trying to start a career, start a family or buy a home, or all of the above. As studies like this are performed, we need to consider all factors before making any conclusions.