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The LawnPC Solar-Powered Computer

Say hello to the newest computer, the LawnPC, an eco-friendly and clever design created by David Velkamp. The unique design has “blades” of grass-like natural cotton, covered over with solar cells. The cells can provide approximately 60 watts to the computer per hour. The small version of a lawn rests directly on top of the computer, and the best part is that the solar blades are entirely biodegradable. The implications of this product could be far-reaching.

Our society relies more on technology each day, and living a lifestyle that is eco-friendly becomes more and more important. However, companies have realized that we can’t just power down our computers, so they are creating new ways to make the products we rely upon more earth-friendly. Products like these may not be all that powerful just yet, but they are the stepping stone that companies use to provide us with tomorrow’s environmentally friendly gadgets.