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Does a Green Economy Create Jobs?

There are many benefits to going green, both from an economic and environmental standpoint. It can aid our economic well-being as our energy sector can expand from one that relies on our fossil fuel supply to one that includes renewable and alternative energy sources that are better for our environment. However, determining how many jobs are created by this can be tricky.

The CAP (Center for American Progress) suggests that most newly created jobs will be due to infrastructure rebuilding. They feel that within two years, a green recovery program can create nearly 2 million jobs. Employment in the construction field has dropped nearly 1 million over the last two years, and green recovery can at least recoup those lost jobs.

It is all yet to be seen, but even if only 500,000 new jobs are created, that is still well worth becoming a bit greener in our daily lives, as this can help both our economy and our environment.