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Many Grocers no Longer Offering Rebates on Reusable Bags

Grocers who were looking to break the “paper or plastic” chain are quickly realizing that a small dose of green thinking isn’t doing the trick.

Many large chains, including Safeway and Kroger are beginning to drift away from their “pennies-per-bag’ programs, stating that it isn’t doing enough to keep consumers from just forgetting their bags in the car or at home.

When customers are using their own reusable bags, the store ultimately saves money. Stores are also trying to get out ahead of pending taxes and bans that may cost them or the customers even more money.

The biggest supermarket chain in the U.S., Kroger Co. was offering up to a 5-cent rebate or a fuel discount for each reusable bag used.

They have since ended this program in select regions for 2011. Officials for Kroger say they will focus more on educational efforts, promotions, and investing in signage or other visual aids.