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Ford Going Small with its New Mini-engine

The Ford Motor Company has developed the smallest engine ever produced by their company, in an effort to help consumers combat the ever-rising gasoline prices. They are also trying to get ahead of the curve, in advance of stricter federal fuel economy guidelines.

The second largest American automaker is introducing a 3-cylinder 1.0-liter engine by the end of 2013. The engine supposedly has the same power and performance as its four-cylinder counterpart, but is much more fuel efficient and lower in emissions.

Engines this small are usually seen in motorcycles and mini-cars. At a gathering at the Ford development center, a company spokesman stated that this engine will be geared towards smaller cars.

Ford also stated that they will be working on a hybrid transmission, intended to replace a currently used one, made by the Japanese company Aisin. They are also working on a new 8-speed transmission.