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We Must Recycle Our Electronic Devices to Create a Greener Tomorrow

Americans love all of the latest electronic gadgets. After all, we are consumers in the United States. The problem arises when we decide what to do with our old electronic devices. Little thought goes into how to properly dispose of our old electronics.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA estimates that approximately 80 percent of all electronics waste ends up in the trash in the United States. There is still concern that electronics that do make it to recycling facilities are not properly recycled.

That is why you want to deal with a reputable and professional electronics recycling company and not just someone working out of their home garage, shed or back office. Recycling electronic devices is serious business. There are many harmful elements in these devices and they must be dealt with properly.

Currently, 25 states have laws that help govern the disposal of e-waste. States are leading the initiative to keep old electronics out of their landfills. We must keep pushing forward to create a “greener” tomorrow.