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Is a Hybrid Vehicle as Good as Advertised?

Every time the average American takes a trip to the gas station they start to see Hybrid vehicles as more of an option. After all, they promise a lessened environmental impact, great value and wonderful fuel economy.

However, before you drive off the lot in your hybrid, expecting to change your entire world, check out the latest finding by the Union of Concerned Scientists. What they found is that hybrid vehicles don’t offer the benefits you might expect.


Power vs. Price

Not all hybrid engines are the same. Some give great fuel economy, while others use the technology towards increasing the power of the engine, thereby decreasing the positive benefits.

The Toyota Prius does rate highest for fuel economy, coming in at 50 MPG, with the Honda Civic and Insight next at 41 MPG.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid and Nissan Altima Hybrid offer 33 MPG, which isn’t a large enough improvement over my regular Volkswagon. Not enough to warrant the extra cost at least.

Even worse, the Volkswagon Touareg Hybrid scored 3 out of 10 for emissions and gets only 21 MPG. The Prius scored an impressive 9.2 for emissions.

Each hybrid car has its own payback period, which is the time it will take you to recoup the extra money you shelled out on the vehicle in fuel savings. For the Altima Hybrid that is over 10 years. Not good!