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Republicans Fail in their Attempt to Overturn Light Bulb Standards

On Tuesday, House Republicans failed in their attempt to stop the passing of new standards for energy-saving light bulbs. Their feeling was that this was just another example of the government needlessly interfering in the lives of citizens.

The proposed GOP bill was intended to stop these standards from going into effect in 2012. Two-thirds majority was needed, and they feel short, with a vote of 233-193.

For Republicans, these curly light bulbs were the tipping point, pushed by an intrusive government that is forcing people to purchase health insurance, pressuring them to buy cars that are more fuel-efficient, and generally putting their nose everywhere it doesn’t belong.

Their proposal would have left the marketplace open for cheaper, yet energy-wasting bulbs. These are the same bulbs that have changed very little since they were invented by Thomas Edison in 1879.