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Panda Poop: The Answer to our Fuel Crisis?

As a society, we are constantly searching for inexpensive fuel alternatives. Who would have thought that the answer may lie at the back end of the cutest mammal on the planet? Adored by the entire world, Pandas, and more particularly, their poop may offer us an alternative biofuel which could be a partial answer to the never ending call for a cleaner energy choice.

This is no joke, and the scientific research was recently presented at a national meeting of the American Chemical Society. At this meeting, researchers presented evidence that panda poop may be an ideal source of an enzyme-producing bacteria that can break down various plant materials in a way that might create valuable biofuel production.

This discovery provides yet another boost to biofuels, yet it also reminds us of the importance of the role biodiversity plays in innovating materials, medicines and technologies.