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Where can the federal government agencies recycle electronics?


As you enter your year-end buying cycle, if your expected purchases include technology such as computers or other electronics, have you asked the question, what are you planning on doing with your old tech? Where can the federal government agencies recycle electronics safely?

Remember last time? Used, outdated and other non-working electronic equipment filled up some closet or storeroom, taking up space.

Why? You are tasked with making room for the new, and because you can’t just toss it in the dumpster. Not only is it against the law in some states, but many of the components in technology equipment contains toxic materials that can contaminate landfills. Clearly not good for the environment—and if your devices contain data, they need to be properly sanitized or destroyed.

To speed up the process and keep your agency safe, here are 8-things to ask an electronics or e-waste recycler:

  1. Are they registered as a certified electronics recycler?
  2. Check if the company has done business with the federal government
  3. Ask is they have any certifications or if they are registered with the EPA to dispose of e-Waste
  4. Confirm the process they utilize with regard to data privacy handling meets PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA legal and regulatory requirements.
  5. Understand how they dispose of the computers or electronics
  6. Do they perform data security services both erasure and hard-drive destruction services in-house
  7. What type of certificates of destruction do they provide, and if there is a cost
  8. Ask for a data security guarantee

A certified electronics recycler should provide your organization with data security services and hard-drive destruction services with no additional cost for the Certificates of Destruction. This is your company’s security guarantee that all digital media and confidential information has been securely destroyed and is unrecoverable

Choose an e-Waste partner who is a steward of the environment, and recycle e-Waste in an environmentally-friendly manor.

Electronic Recycling Partner

Southeastern Data is an electronics and e-waste recycling company with close to 20 years in business. With the proven expertise, processes and track record, they make it our business to make sure your e-waste ends up where it is supposed to and not in a landfill or somewhere else.

Additional services include transportation and logistics management, as well as offering free data wiping as part of their recycling program, a major cost savings. For the agencies and department who can’t have some of the devices out of sight, they offer on location mobile hard-drive shredding services.

During this buying time, if your agency needs electronics recycling or asset management, we will make your year-end buying guilt-free and stress-free.

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