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A Great Way to Reduce Costs When Recycling Electronics

Recycling your old electronics helps protect the environment by preventing the spill of chemicals leaching into the water. Proper recycling can also aid the security of data and prevent misuse of any of the bits of information stored.  Used computers, monitors, printers, PDAs, mobile phones, batteries and TVs can all be recycled. If you are looking to help the environment and get rid of your old electronics in a secure and responsible manner, electronics recycling with an authorized recycling company is the solution.

The quickest and least expensive way to prepare your old electronics for pickup and recycling is to do the packaging yourself.  It’s quicker and easier than you may think.

Step 1.  Organize your items.  Separate them into categories.  Laser cartridges with laser cartridges, inkjet cartridges with other inkjet cartridges, cell phones with cell phones, etc.  Inkjet cartridges must be packed separately from laser cartridges to prevent damage to both.  Other electronics must be packed separately from ink cartridges of any kind.

Step 2.  All items should be protected with bubble wrap or cardboard.  Don’t forget to place these materials at the bottom of the boxes as well as around the items and on top.  Fill the extra spaces between cartridges and other electronics.

Step 3.  Place the separate categories of items into smaller boxes. The smaller boxes can then be placed into a bigger box for safety and easier transportation.  Larger items, such as monitors and printers can be packed individually and organized on pallets.

Step 4. Find a large sturdy box that is no larger than 20”W x 20”H x 24”D and able to hold a maximum of 40 lbs. when full.

Step 5.  Make sure each box is full and any empty area stuffed with packing materials before you seal them up.  Tightly packaged items are less likely to crack or break.

Step 6.  Weight each box to make sure it does not exceed 40 lbs.  Repackage if necessary.

Step 7. Securely seal and label each box.

Step 8. If you have a large number of boxes, place these on pallets or Gaylord containers for easy storage and pickup.

Doing these steps will ease and speed the pickup of your old electronics by your authorized electronics recycler.

Are you looking for an indebt guide to packing and palletizing computers and electronics for recycling? Get a free copy of Southeastern Data guide to packing and palletizing computers and electronics. The guide features tips, quick reference sheets, colorful pictures and easy instructions. 

Guide to Packaging and Palletizing Computers and Electronics for Recycling