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What to Do With Old Cell Phones

Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones have become ubiquitous in modern society and there is a real need for cell phone recycling services. Many companies provide their employees with cell phones to utilize in the course of their workday. The fact that phones have such an enormous turnover means that there are usually boxes and boxes of old, out of use cell phones in office closets all over the country.

Some cell phone recycling services allow you to drop off your old phones or mail them in. Accessories and batteries are included in most recycling programs. Retailers and manufacturers offer these services as well. One of three things will happen when you turn your cell phone in for recycling:

  1. Recycling will see the device taken apart and recycled for its constituent parts.
  2. Refurbishing a cell phone will see it fixed, reconditioned, and returned to service if possible.
  3. Reuse will see phones which are still good enough to be used cleaned and returned to service immediately. This happens quite often with working phones which have simply been replaced

Three Things to Take Care of Before you Recycle a Cell Phone

Many electronic recycling companies can help businesses recycle their surplus or outdated cell phones. But, before you do there are a few things you will want to take care of before you turn them in:

  1. Make sure that the phone service has been terminated with your service provider.
  2. Wipe the memory on the phone by both manually deleting all of the information contained there and by following the directions to do a hard factory reset on the phone (this will vary depending on your phone manufacturer).
  3. Make sure to remove the SIM card (if you have one) along with any memory cards you are currently using in your phones.

The Secret Life of a Smart Phone

The EPA released an infographic The Secret Life of a Smart Phone. It gives you a quick look at the impact these devices can have on the environment, what they are made of and more useful information on donating or recycling your device.

Recycling Cell Phones with Southeastern Data

If you are a company located in the southeastern United States, you can get your cell phone recycling needs taken care of by Southeastern Data. To reach Southeastern Data and learn more, you can contact them at 1-800-810-0432 or visit their website at