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Stop Filling Central Florida Landfills with Computers and Electronics

Just about every business today uses computers and electronics of some type. Many of these items are only in use for three to five years before they become useless from a production standpoint. At the same time, more and more of the latest and hottest electronic devices are being sold to businesses every day. The market is flooded with them. So, what should businesses do with the old stuff that is filling up the back room and taking up badly needed office space?

The answer is quite simple. They must recycle them. Old computers, printers, faxes, cables, monitors, laptops, modems, disk drives, servers, and electronic devices can be repurposed or resold rather than tossed into the company dumpster. These electronics do not have to be in working order in order to be recycled or resold.

However, you do not want use just any electronics recycling company. After all, what if someone sells your old company computer on ebay without properly erasing your critical data? This could compromise credit card numbers, bank accounts, online profiles, a client database, or corporate files. Computer and electronics recyclers not only help you dispose of your old electronics equipment in an environmentally friendly way, but they do it securely too.


At Southeastern Data, we recycle your electronic devices both responsibly and securely. Since 1996, Southeastern Data has provided recycling & remarketing of all types of business assets, computers & electronic equipment. We can provide pick-up service to practically anywhere.

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