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Electronic Gadgets – Should We Toss them out or Recycle them?

In our rush to find the latest and greatest version of our electronic gadgets, we are leaving behind tons of e-waste, and this electronic waste is growing at a disturbing pace.

Statistics show that a typical computer has a lifespan of between two and five years. However, with the rate that these items become outdated and obsolete, our items may lose their usefulness within the first six months. We leave our plastics and glass out for recycling, but what about our old monitors, phones, computers and out-of-date cameras?

Unfortunately, we have often tossed out our old electronics, but this has created large amounts of toxic waste, which can pollute our soil and water. The hazardous chemicals in these products can cause such things as seizures, behavioral problems, learning disabilities and much more.

Start recycling your electronics and computer equipment now, and help our earth become cleaner and more sustainable long-term.

At Southeastern Data, we recycle your electronic devices both responsibly and securely. Since 1996, Southeastern Data has provided recycling & remarketing of all types of business assets, computers & electronic equipment. We can provide pick-up service to practically anywhere.

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