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Avoid E-Waste by Caring for Your Electronics

Here are some quick tips for extending the life of your electronic devices. Extending product life is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to cut down on e-waste in your country.


  • Read the device’s product manual. These manuals often provide tips for caring for the item. If you no longer have the manual, check the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturer’s websites contain free downloads of the manuals in PDF format.
  • Protect your electronics from the elements. Electronic devices last longer when they are not exposed to direct sunlight, large amounts of humidity, rain, snow and dust.
  • Do not block areas of ventilation contained on the device. Electronic devices often need space to breathe in order to stay cool. If an electronic device overheats, this can shorten its life significantly.
  • Modern flat screen monitors and televisions are fragile and their screens are very delicate. Do not use home cleaning products to clean the screen. Only use a cleaner suggested by the manufacturer. When you are cleaning the screen, do not press hard on the monitor itself to avoid damage to the screen. Monitors should not be cleaned if they are hot. Wait until they are cool before cleaning.

By following, these simple tips, we can cut down on e-waste on a global level.