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How dangerous is that Old Computer?

So, you’ve installed all new computer systems in your company? That’s great, now how are you planning to handle the old systems? These monitors and CRTs you are planning to throw out contain up to four pounds worth of lead. Once a computer has lost its usefulness, it is nothing more than toxic waste.

That is of course dangerous for our environment, and is only the beginning of the harmful items within electronic equipment. Our outdated gadgets and computers contain things like cadmium, arsenic, lead, radioactive isotopes and dioxin, and when they are dumped into our landfills, they end up destroying our environment.

Studies have shown that 40 percent of our landfill’s lead content and 70 percent of their heavy metal content are due to e-waste. This electronic waste is inundating our dumps and spreading toxic substances into our soil. Do your part and recycle electronics properly.