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Cool Ways to Recycle a Flash Drive

Today’s USB flash drive offers a large amount of storage space at a reasonably low cost. This is good news, except for the fact that our old ones are ending up in the junk drawer, or worse, in our landfills. Never fear, they may be able to live again, and serve a further purpose. Here are some innovative ways to recycle your flash drives.


  • Transform it into a piece of jewelry
  • If it is still functional, load some smaller portable games on it
  • Use them in your garden to identify plants or vegetables
  • Bedazzle them and use them as a holiday ornament
  • Use the inherent rectangular shape to create a doll or toy for your children
  • Construct an outdoor wind chime
  • Donate them to a local charity

If none of these choices strike your fancy, at least recycle them through a proper electronic recycling program.