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Outdated Electronics: What’s The Difference Between Reuse and Recycle?

When your phones, gadgets and computers are no longer of any use, and you pass them on to a new user, that’s reuse. Donating these products can extend the life of these still useful products, and help maximize the resources and energy that went into creating it. Reusing products can allow many outlets to receive products that they otherwise could not afford. These places could be schools, non-profit businesses and families with lesser incomes.

If your product cannot be repaired, refurbished or reused, then the best thing to do is recycle it. Over 400,000 tons of gadgets and electronics were collected and recycled in the United States in 2007. The recycling electronics prevents the potential release of many greenhouse gases that would be equal to the emissions of 178,000 vehicles.

Electronics contains valuable resources, such as copper, precious metals, engineered plastics, and these items use considerable energy resources to manufacture and process.