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Collection Rate for E-waste shows its First Decline

The 2010 PCCI collection rate for e-waste recycling and take-back showed its first decline, dropping over two percent from 2009.

These numbers were produced by the NCER (National Center for Electronics Recycling), and were gathered from six different areas (Virginia, Connecticut, Minnesota, Maine, Delaware and California). The study indicates that e-waste programs may be in a leveling-out phase, after the initial rise in demand.

According to the NCER, the largest decline was seen in Maine, which dropped a whopping 35 percent in the last year. This has partly been attributed to a large number of one-time collection events, and a large increase in 2009 from 2008. Based on this, experts tend to view 2010 as simply a return to normal.

In 2010, these six programs averaged 4.5 pounds of e-waste collected per person. Data has been collected since 2006.