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Tips to Prevent and Reduce Waste

Besides recycling electronics, there are lots of things we can do to avoid creating e-waste in the first place.







  • Look into leasing computer equipment. One advantage to leasing is that when you need to upgrade your device, you can return it to the provider and receive a credit towards another purchase.
  • Try to avoid gadget-type items. Traditional household products that are turned into a gadget of some sort may be a slight improvement, but will wear out far quicker.
  • Buy high-quality products. As you shop for electronic devices, review its repair history, as well as consumer reliability reviews.
  • Always repair rather than replace. Repairing an electronic device can often be cheaper than replacing it, and will keep an old device out of our waste stream.
  • Buy gear that can be upgraded. Some items can be upgraded by adding one thing, which will avoid having to replace the entire device.