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Has the Green IT Movement Lost its Way?

In relation to sustaining our environment, the IT community doesn’t seem to have its priorities in order. The latest research confirms what many have suspected for quite some time. The IT sector is rather “energy-neutral” as far as savings and consumption. Even today, energy efficiency seems to be their biggest focus.

While this is recommended hygiene for business, the energy that IT uses isn’t a big concern in our society. Many estimates put our worldwide IT usage at only 2% of the planet’s energy.

That isn’t to say it is not beneficial, as the iPhone itself has nearly eliminated the need for cameras, maps, guides, address books, clocks, CD players etc. etc.

The flip-side is when these items become obsolete, and they do very quickly. This is increasing the growing pile of e-waste that inundates our landfills, poisoning our earth. So, how earth-conscious are they in the end?