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Where Electronics Go to Die

The e-waste stacking up in our garages and basements hold precious material that can be reused and made into a new product, just like with plastic bottles and newspapers. The challenge is recycling this e-waste properly, and finding the right company to do it.

We recently went on a tour of just such a place. They are an electronics recycler who makes sure it all gets handled properly and efficiently.

As of 3 years ago, the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) estimated each American home as having 24 different electronic products, a number that has undoubtedly doubled by now.

Unfortunately, the recycling rate for electronics is lower than for any other product. The EPA estimates that only 10-18 percent of all electronics are recycled or reused. This is why it is so important to have places like this. Somewhere items can be brought where you know it will be handled the right way.