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Current Electronic Waste Trends

Electrical equipment and electric products comprise 6 percent of our nation’s gross domestic product, rising one percent since 2001. Electronic waste makes up over 5 percent of the solid waste stream in the United States, and grows at a rate five times quicker than any other waste stream. No other municipal solid waste segment grows faster than the e-waste sector, with the industry at $40 billion per year.


Here are a few other trends to take careful notice of:

  • E-waste has become what global warming was ten years ago. The cries to address it properly grow louder each day and there is no need to try and ignore it.
  • More and more states are regulating e-waste, since the nation as a whole has not stepped up to the plate. All states will someday ban electronic waste going into our solid waste stream.
  • This is an exploding sector, with nationally positioned electronic recyclers seeing an opportunity to step up and help our nation through job creation and earth-conscious recycling.