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Your Cell Phone may be Worth a Scooter

As a way to promote the recycling of cell phones, Vespa and Sprint are partnering on a new program. The program started on June 26th and runs through August 20th, 2011. During that period, a wireless user who returns their unused or old cell phone, regardless of its condition or brand, to Sprint could get a $250 credit towards a new device.

As an extra bonus, each recycler will also be entered into a drawing to win one of six brand new Vespa scooters. These winners will also get a Samsung Replenish.

In 2010, despite national take-back initiatives for electronics, only ten percent of cell phones were recycled. That translates to a whopping 140 million cellular devices that found their way into our landfills. The primary reason more people do not recycle is inconvenience, so programs like this can do nothing but help the cause.