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Electronics Waste Videos, Articles and Education

Here are some helpful videos and articles that we created to better help consumers and businesses understand the importance of properly recycling electronic devices and business assets.

What is E-Waste and Why Does it Matter? – Focuses on defining e-waste, recognizing the growing problem of e-waste, other forms of e-waste, and why e-waste is different than other forms of waste.

The Growing Problems of E-Waste – Covers important topics such as how much e-waste is there?, unaccounted for e-waste, and the complications of e-waste.

The Benefits of Recycling E-Waste – Topics include the benefits of recycling electronics, creating a cleaner environment, helping your community through recycling, reusing valuable resources, and the economic benefits.

E-Waste Management and Processing Techniques – Addresses e-waste management and processing techniques, the dangers of e-waste, choosing the right e-waste recycler, typically recycled products, and the process of recycling e-waste.