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West Virginia Electronics Recycling Event a Smash Hit

In Clarksburg, West Virginia, the Harrison County Waste Division (HCSWA) conducted their most effective electronics recycling event. On June 4th, the HCSWA collected over 67 tons of e-waste that was destined to be dumped into state-wide landfills. This event set a record in West Virginia for the largest amount of electronics waste collected at one location in one day.

The event provided West Virginia resident the opportunity to properly dispose of e-waste. Residents brought in computer monitors, cables, old televisions, keyboards, unused cell phones, computers, printers and office equipment.

The state was very happy with the public’s participation. This goes to show that with some education and initiative, consumers will do the right thing when it comes to recycling e-waste.

With the single day event doing so well, the state is looking to expand the event into two days.