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Keeping Track of Electronic Waste

escrapThe gadgets and electronic devices we use every day have virtually become an extension of us. They even make a smartphone now that users can take with them into the shower. Seriously, who can’t wait 10 minutes to make a call?

However, as much as we cherish our valued gizmos and gadgets, when the next “latest and greatest” invention comes out, we are quick to toss that which we love into the trash heap.

The M.I.T.’s own Senseable City Lab “BackTalk” project is currently on display at Manhattan’s Museum of modern Art, and seeks to figure out what happens to the nearly three million tons of e-waste disposed of each year in the U.S. The project is part of an exhibition entitled “Talk to Me: Design and the communication between People and Objects.”

BackTalk transforms the reusable electronics into reporters, telling us what happens during their journey into the afterlife.

They will track the data and issue a report later this year or early in 2012.