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Verizon Helping to Recycle Electronic Waste

Verizon Wireless had quite a line of people to deal with this past week. People were not lining up for their latest product though; they were there to dispose of their old and outdated products.

Verizon Wireless’ Wilmington Call Center hosted a huge recycling rally for anyone within driving distance. People came in droves to drop off computers, monitors, stereos, televisions, and basically anything else that you can plug in.

One visitor came in with a computer he said he has been holding onto for over 20 years, because he has never had a safe option for disposing of it.

By the end of the first hour, the event had gathered enough electronics to fill a large truck, and had nearly finished filling a second.

This is in part because of a new North Carolina law that went into effect in July, making it against the law to toss your electronics in the trash.