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The Importance of Deleting Data Before it hits the recycling Center

A New Jersey warehouse is inundated with 6,000 used copiers, just waiting to be sold. Are you interested? If you are practicing identity theft you may be. Why?

Each and every one of them has a secret; many secrets actually. Digital copiers made after 2002 have a hard drive, just like the one your personal computer has, and it stores a copy of everything you scan, copy or e-mail with the machine.

This turns a common office product into an electronic time bomb.

The Sacramento company, “Digital Copier Security” has developed a program called INFOSWEEP that will scrub all of that data away. The owner of the company has been trying to warn people of the dangers, but no one is listening.

He recently went on an undercover mission with CBS News, and purchased copiers from this warehouse, at about $300 each.

Within 12 hours, he was able to download nearly 50,000 documents from the hard drives, many of which dealt with sex crimes, domestic violence, and even a target list for an upcoming drug raid.

Recycling electronics in a wonderful idea but be sure to protect yourself in the process. Ask the recycling center about their data destruction processes.