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Three Ways to Deal with Outdated or Broken Computer Monitors

If you have a computer monitor that is broken, outdated, or simply extra, there are three responsible choices you can make for its disposal.

Donate it: Just because it is too “old” or “outdated” for you doesn’t mean someone else would appreciate it. Contact friends or family member to see if anyone is in need of a monitor. If that doesn’t turn up anything, call some local charities, as they would undoubtedly love to have it. The added benefit is that donating it creates a tax write-off.

Resell it: Many electronics recycling companies sell refurbished items or auctions items that are as good as new. By utilizing their auction services, you can get some money back from the sale of your item(s).

Recycle it: Lastly, if you have been unable to donate it or have it refurbished, make sure it is properly recycled. Contact a local electronics recycler to arrange a pickup or drop off.