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E-waste Law in Illinois gets a Major Revision

Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn approved a law which brings about major revisions to the e-waste program in the state.

The Senate Bill 2106 will expand the yearly recycling goals for Illinois, broaden the scope of included electronics, and simplify the functions of program management. For instance, the revisions will increase the number of covered products from 4 to 17, including things like fax machines, set-top boxes, computer peripherals, portable media devices, A/V equipment, etc.

How return share is calculated is also being altered, with the state transitioning to a method that assigns targets based on reported retail sales. With this method, manufacturers must recycle 40 percent of the total weight of all products they sold in 2010. That would start in 2012, and increase to 50 percent in subsequent years.

Statewide, the goal will go from 28 million pounds in 2011 to 50 million pounds for 2012 and 60 million pounds in 2013.