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Cut Costs for Your New or Growing Business with This One Easy Tip

The economy is recovering, according to most reports. This is great news if you are starting a new business or are ready to begin growing the one you already have. But you will be doing yourself and your company a huge disservice if you ignore the hard lessons of the last half-decade, particularly the lesson that today’s smart companies—big and small—are still addressing:  minimize your operating costs.

Like quality concerns, minimizing operating costs is a goal that will be forever on the horizon. It’s part of the continuous improvement effort that is required for long-term business success today.  One simple way that you can keep costs down is by purchasing pre-owned and refurbished computers  and other electronics. Many larger companies and public agencies have downsized, some did not survive the hard economic times, and others are beginning technology refreshes that they postponed until business forecasts improved. This means that their surplus computer equipment is entering the market for reuse or recycling—and you can reap the benefits.

Tons of unwanted equipment, ranging from laptops and servers to phone systems and printers, pass through the doors of electronic equipment recyclers every day. With each delivery to our facility, Southeastern Data  evaluates the material for potential reuse, wipes any remaining data from hard drives, refurbishes what we can, and remarkets it as complete systems or parts.  As a responsible e-waste recycler, Southeastern Data is committed to encouraging reuse, which extends the life of electronics—a good thing for the environment and a principle encouraged by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For years, other countries have taken advantage of our recycled computers and other products; now more U.S. businesses are discovering their value as well. Refurbished computers cost only a fraction of new ones, with little appreciable difference in performance to most business operations. When you take into account the accessories, like printers, cables, servers, and Wi-Fi access, which are necessary to get you and your staff up and running, costs add up quickly. Reuse is a viable solution. And since all business computer networks require some level of support for setup and maintenance, it only makes sense to economize on equipment, rather than cut back on IT service and internet access.