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Do computer keyboards need to be recycled?

The simple answer is yes.

Even though a keyboard looks innocent enough, most consumer electronics contain dangerous materials that can impact the environment in ways that will cause damage to soil, water and/or air. Certain chemicals or metals can leach out of the keyboard and soak into the earth, finding its way into an underground water table, or even be dispersed into the air.When you consider the sheer amounts of electronics, or in this case keyboards that are simply thrown into the garbage and find their way to a landfill, just think of how much of the pollutants will erode out of the equipment over time.

What to do with Keyboards?

There are a number of safe ways to recycle your keyboard that might even make you a few bucks in the bargain. If they are still operable, try selling them in a garage sale or flea market even if you only get a dollar or two. If not, donate them to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army where they can be sold as well. To actually recycle your keyboard, check in your local area to find a certified electronics recycler. You most definitely want a certified recycler so you know that your keyboard is handled properly and safely, and if at all possible, find one that is also ISO certified (International Organization for Standardization). Depending upon the quality of keyboard you turn in to be recycled, many of them can be refurbished for further use, which in turn promotes jobs and keeps our environment safer.

Why Recycle Your Keyboards?

Depending on the specific electronic part you are recycling, (in which all should all be recycled), not only are there dangerous chemicals and substances that should never be put in a landfill, there are also non-ferrous and ferrous metals (ferrous refers to compounds of metals or metal alloys combined with iron) that will be separated out and reused properly instead of corroding in a landfill. In addition, there are some precious metals in certain electronic devices like gold, copper and lead, to name a few, that can be recovered. With the shortages of resources in the world, every ounce of material that can be used again is a precious commodity, made even more important if it stays out of our ecosystem.

Electronics Waste Recycling – The Best Solution

Landfills are almost filled to capacity now and it makes sense to not only save space for biodegradable materials, but to keep the components and pollutants out of our ecosystem. Smart e-waste recycling is the best and only real solution for both you and the environment. Take the extra step to insure a pollutant free environment, at least your contribution to it, and recycle all your electronics starting with your keyboard. There are many options besides throwing them in your garbage which happens to be the worst possible decision you can make.

The difficult answer is actually a question: Will you help?