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Electronics Recycling: What are the ways to find which e-waste recycling center is certified and reliable?

One of the best and easiest ways to see if the e-waste recycling center you’re considering is to go online and check out all the information available about it. It should show you all of their certifications, and if not, you may want to rethink their services because certification insures you’re getting the best possible service available.A good site should also have testimonials and/or reviews from their past customers and you might even want to take the opportunity to contact a few of them to get more information that may not be on the site due to space, or just to hear more about the services.

Although customer reviews alone are not a guarantee the company is what it claims, it gives you a great jumping off point for making that determination. Some companies that don’t have the best reputation might post reviews from friends just to make them look better, so some additional research is needed if their reviews vary. Most reviews should be fairly similar, understanding that there’s always someone you can’t please, but if the reviews are up and down, it might be a warning sign.

Work with Certified Electronics Waste Recyclers

You may also have local chapters of companies who provide informational services, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where you can find out more about the company you’re researching. If you have anyone you know that has used an e-waste recycling center, talk to them about their experience and the availability of certification information. Each e-waste recycling center should be not only willing, but pleased to display their certifications so if you don’t see them on their site, keep looking. Another option is to call your waste disposal company and see what information they have on the e waste center you’re considering, if indeed it isn’t there as well. They may have further information on that company and can fill you in on their certifications and reputation.

Look for Certifications

On the website, you should see where they post their certifications, which should be listed as well as posting the certificate stamps as well. Finding an e-waste recycling center should actually be fairly simple with all the information you’ll find on their websites and mostly it will be finding one that will give you the services you’re looking for. Probably your most important consideration is choosing the best company with the best recycling services you need, and for that you will need to read the testimonials and reviews on the site itself or from other companies or people who have used their services in the past. In today’s electronic information age, it shouldn’t take more than a few, worthwhile minutes to find the best company in your area.