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Disposing of Your Printer – What to Consider

In our electronic world, new technology with our vast number of gadgets has been a boon, but may also be our destruction. With the amount of devices thrown into landfills, and even our waterways, the earth is being polluted with a large number of chemicals and ferrous metals that can poison the land and water. Computer printers are a large part of this problem because of the materials used to make them print out the superior quality papers also leads to a goodly amount of nasty products leaching out if thrown into landfills. We’re running out of room for waste disposal to begin with, and if electronic devices like printers are included, these landfills will not only fill up, they will be poisoned, creating significant health issues.

By recycling, and getting it recycled properly by only using R2 certified eWaste recyclers, which are better if they are ISO certified (International Organization for Standardization), the chemical and metals are stopped from getting into the environment. The benefits are far reaching with recycling jobs providing hundreds of thousands work with billions of dollars added to the economy. Recycling also generates profits with tremendous economic value and it actually costs money if they aren’t recycled. But, most importantly, recycling protects our environment.

Electronic devices and Landfills

When electronic devices are thrown into landfills, or water, the chemicals and ferrous metals will eventually leach out and make their way into water tables and some of them will also release into the air. Over time, and the volume of devices thrown away, it doesn’t take long to poison the areas in which they’re put. It also reduces energy costs when using recycled materials as opposed to manufacturing the same types of product. Not just a little, but substantially. Some electronic devices may also contain gold, a very well-known metal worth a few bucks.

Recycle Your Printer the Easy Way

The best way to recycle your printer is actually fairly simple. There are a number of companies that will recycle them for free and all you have to do is take them in. Again, just make sure they are certified R2 eWaste centers. A number of the companies who actually produce the printers also have programs for turning in your printer for recycling. It has been made so easy there is no point in not doing so. Even if you don’t have a certified eWaste center near you, you can always donate it to a local charity where most will actually recondition them, again providing jobs, and sell them or give them away to folks who need them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just throwing away your printer is no big deal, it is. Don’t add any more problems to the blue-green ball we live on.