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Electronics Recycling: How do I get the most money out of my e-waste I’ve been collecting for years?

Some e-waste companies offer what they call a ‘Revenue Sharing’ feature where you can actually get a little cash for all your excess electronic contraptions you’ve been saving up for years. You spent a lot of money over the years on electronic products and with better equipment coming on the market so quickly, it’s not hard to imagine folks with a lot of excess gadgets with a pretty fair original investment value. If you can get a little money back for all of that, why not take advantage of the companies who do offer revenue sharing?


The Largest Selling Electronics Device

Probably the easiest way to consider the multitude of electronic items that evolve so quickly is the cell phone. Most every provider offers you a new phone every year or so, or the companies who sell the phones themselves are always coming out with the ‘newest, fastest, more featured’ phone all the time. It’s one of the largest growing markets in electronics. How many old cell phones are sitting in one of your drawers? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some money back from all those investments? Many of your old electronics can be recycled to people and/or agencies that don’t have the funding to keep up with the latest, or even have the budget to provide the electronics, like a school who could use them for their students.

Revenue Sharing and Who to Trust

Additionally, these e-waste companies that have revenue sharing also will run auctions where you never know just how much your old cell phone, laptop, or printer might go for. The residual value of you equipment can be hard to determine, but companies with the experience, rep, and programs set up for this will know, and will help you get the best dollar you can. They should already have an established market for buyers and sellers with a state of art online sales system with client login so you can monitor the progress and status of your inventory; this will also allow you to cross-check the payout reports too. Any good company will have references and testimonials from clients that can clue you in that you’re headed in the right direction for the company you choose. Also look for a company that has been doing this for some time…if they weren’t good, and honest, they certainly wouldn’t have lasted long in such a competitive market.

Established Electronic Waste Service Providers

When you choose to try and sell some of your old equipment, a good company to select will be one with an established business and well defined marketing system already in place. Not only will they let you know if your equipment has the possibility to make you a few bucks, if not, they will also be able to recycle it in their regular e-waste program leaving you with a win-win situation.