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What can I do with my old pager?

As with the many, myriad numbers of electronic devices out in the waste pile, pagers are no different; they need to be recycled. All electronic devices contain some form of hazardous material that would easily leach into the environment if not recycled properly. If it ends up in a landfill, or just thrown away somewhere, it will eventually erode and the hazardous materials will leak out and contaminate the surrounding area.


The Dangers of E-Waste

It could be chemical elements or metals, (or any other combination of toxic materials) that can damage the water table by soaking down into it from rain, etc. over time. The surrounding dirt would become contaminated and the toxic materials can even become airborne. With the millions of devices thrown away all over the world instead of proper recycling, the problem is magnified and the effects of these toxins become quite dangerous to our already fragile environment.

Find A proven Electronics Recycler

Find the nearest recycler in your area and turn in your pager or other electronic devices you no longer use and they will be handled and disposed of properly. Make sure the recycler you choose is properly certified even if you have to do a little research because if they don’t recycle them properly, it doesn’t solve any problems. Check out their website and read through their testimonials or reviews, talk to anyone who has used them in the paste and make sure their certification is posted on their site. Not only will they recycle them the right way, they may also have a program where your old pager can be reused by another party that has a need for it, even if some repair, or updating is needed.

Recycling Your Pager is a Big Deal

It might seem as if recycling your old pager isn’t that big of a deal but when you consider the millions of devices already in the ground before proper recycling was available, or not done at all, you might get an idea of what is already reaching the bursting point. Drinkable water has already been compromised as well as ocean life from all the poisons that have leached into the water tables, certain lands will not grow food, or regular plant life because of the toxins, and we all know about our atmosphere. Take the extra step to get your pager, or any other electronic device recycled properly and put a halt to the vicious cycle already occurring from all the electronics in the environment already.