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What simple things have you done to make your home more environmentally friendly?

There are a number of simple ways to make your home environmentally friendly and these are just some suggestions to assist you. You may have done all you can in your location or might need some more suggestions to get the best out of it you can. Following are some suggestions to help you get your home as eco-friendly as possible:


Creating a More Environmentally Friendly Home

  • Instead of tossing out things you no longer use, try selling some of your usable belongings at a garage sale. Keep them out of your landfills.
  • Whatever you don’t sell you can always donate to a local charity.
  • Shower with non-carcinogenic shampoos, gels, etc. so it doesn’t go back into the water table.
  • After mowing your lawn, use the grass for mulch, or better yet just leave it on the lawn.
  • Use no pesticides or herbicides on your lawn or garden.
  • Save your scraps from the kitchen or yard to make into compost.
  • Maybe not so fun, but hand wash your dishes with biodegradable detergent. It might take a bit more water but will save on electricity.
  • Recycle all of your electronic devices, batteries, wires, or whatever you have at a local recycling center.
  • Keep an ‘oil dump’ for your excess oil, solvents, anti-freeze and others to take in to your local hazardous waste collection center.
  • Whenever possible, ride a bike or walk instead of driving.
  • When replacing appliances, purchase the new energy saving devices.
  • Make sure your water heaters, heating ductwork, water pipes and the like are insulated.
  • If you’re the type to let the shower run until it gets to the perfect temperature, catch what you can in a bucket to use on household plants, gardens or any other need.
  • Buy foods local and organic whenever possible that don’t use pesticides.
  • Turn your air conditioner a degree or two higher and conversely, your heater a degree or two lower. Also turn your heater down lower at night when you’re asleep, you will adjust with very little discomfort.
  • Make sure your house is properly insulated with the correct R-factor values and that all your windows and doors have no leaks.
  • Whenever possible, open your windows for cooling. Not only will you save on electricity, you’ll have fresh air to breathe inside. Normally the insides of homes are more polluted than the outside air.
  • When it starts to get to the cooler part of the year, dress a little warmer instead before you turn on the heater.
  • Use cloth diapers whenever possible instead of disposables.
  • Recycle everything you can.
  • Unplug all electrical devices you can and make sure all lights are turned off when the room is not in use, even if you’re just stepping out for a moment.
  • Grow a lot of house plants. Not only do they help the air inside, they tend to make your environment more relaxed.

Again, these are just some suggestions for helping you get your house more environmentally friendly. Talk to friends and family to see what ideas they have or are doing. Go online and check out what recycling companies will tell you about it, or your resource centers in your area. Do a little leg work and find out what is most practical for you. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to help the environment around you.