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What Electronic Devices Should You Recycle?

In today’s market, electronic devices are continually being created and upgraded. Every time the latest edition of that new special device hits the market, we are tempted to upgrade… and we often do. This leaves us with a large amount of old electronics taking up valuable space in our home or business.

It is not necessary to keep these outdated electronics. Many electronic devices can actually be recycled, with parts being harvested for use in new electronics. So instead of discarding your old equipment in a trash can or dumpster, consider taking it to an electronics recycler that allows you to deposit old electronics to be recycled.


Here is a list of common electronic items that need to be recycled:

Cell Phones

Old cell phones are probably the easiest and most common electronic items to recycle. Many cell phone companies offer free upgrades after a certain amount of time, so their customers build up quite a collection of old phones that pile up in the family junk drawer.

MP3 Players

MP3 players are recycled in much the same way as cell phones. With how quickly the technology for these players has been developing, people are upgrading to the newest iPod or Zune at a very fast pace.

Computer Equipment

Computer equipment is also high in demand for recycling. Items such as monitors, CPUs, keyboards, printers, cables, and scanners are recyclable items. Just be sure that you ask the electronics recycling company to erase all personal data on the devices; you don’t want to become a victim of fraud or identity theft. Some recycling companies offer profit sharing programs for items that can be resold. So, it is possible to make some money on your unused electronic items.

Video Game Systems

Do you have any old video game systems lying around? You can take all consoles, controllers or any other gaming equipment in to be recycled as well. Depending on how old the equipment is there may not be a ton of potential for reuse, but you can at least be sure that they will be recycled in a safe manner.

Take Initiative

There are many more electronic devices that can be recycled. Even if there is a small amount of research involved, though, recycling these devices is a much better option than contributing to our e-waste problem. It’s more environmentally friendly, and the equipment that you recycle could be reused in many other ways.