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How Much E-waste is Too Much?

The day has arrived where we are fighting for our planet. We are playing a large role in destroying are planet, and we are doing it by tossing out our old, broken and outdated monitors, computer equipment and gadgets. Electronic waste that ends up in our landfills can have a devastating long-term effect.

The question then becomes, “how much e-waste is too much?”

The figures show that as of 2005, there was near nine tons of e-waste in Europe. Australia was estimated to have over 16 million scanners, printers and computers replaced within the next two years. So, what happens to it all? The United States EPA estimates that e-waste is increasing each year at an alarming 5 to 10 percent rate.

The sad part is that in many countries, e-waste goes unmonitored. There has never been a stronger need to recycle our e-waste and keep our planet sustainable.