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Southeastern Data ewaste batteries recyclingHave you ever looked around your home or office and noticed exactly how many electronics you own and use every day? Stop and think about how every one of these items uses a battery and every one of those batteries will most likely fail at one point.

We don’t give much thought to what we do with those spent batteries; we usually chuck them into the trash or take them to an electronic retailer, to recycle them. The importance of choosing the recycling option over the landfill cannot be stressed enough. These batteries that we use every day may seem relatively harmless but they contain toxins from chemicals, such as lead, sulfuric acid, cadmium, and lithium that can leak into the land and wreak havoc on public health and the environment.


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You’ve heard that by the time you’ve brought your new electronic device home, it’s already outdated? While maybe not as extreme as that, there really is an ever-growing trend shortening the “useful life” of technology, especially in business. The need for ever greater processing power, storage capacity and networking capability puts pressure on businesses to maintain or increase their market share and keep up with competitors. As a result, there is a continual upgrading of technology, to be able to do “better, faster and cheaper”.

The day has arrived where we are fighting for our planet. We are playing a large role in destroying are planet, and we are doing it by tossing out our old, broken and outdated monitors, computer equipment and gadgets. Electronic waste that ends up in our landfills can have a devastating long-term effect.