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Why Federal Agencies, Would Want to Use an Electronics Recycler who follows the Media Sanitization Standards of DoD and NIST for Data Security

Why Federal Agencies, Would Want to Use an Electronics Recycler who follows the Media Sanitization Standards of DoD and NIST for Data Security

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With over 2.7 million employees working within an untold number of departments and agencies, the U.S. government is the largest user and disposer of e-waste in the country.

When it’s time for you, as a Federal agency, to get rid of your old computers, phones and other electronics, what can you do to ensure any data left on these devices is completely wiped out and erased, and the rest of the material is recycled in a way that meets the highest expectations?

As the Fiscal Year End Approaches, here are the Top Ten Reasons a Federal Agency Should Want to Use an E-Recycler that Follows the Guidelines Set Forth by Department of Defense (DoD) for media sanitization guidelines and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for media sanitization.

  1. By using a company that follows the NIST and DoD media sanitization and security guidelines, you are ensuring your old electronics are disposed of in a way that surpasses most data security standards.
  2. You can be comfortable in knowing you are doing everything right when it comes to disposing of old computers and other electronics, meeting high levels of environmental regulations.
  3. You’ll never be surprised by discovering some data has escaped into the public sector, or worse, due to an incorrectly sanitized data-containing computer or electronic device you thought was completely destroyed or wiped clean.
  4. Many office devices, other than computers, can contain sensitive information and must be disposed of correctly. Copy machines, office printers and other multifunction devices may retain digital copies and hard drive links to secure data. These must be disposed of with as a high a set of standards as computers and Smartphones. An E-Recycling company following the guidelines set forth by DoD and NIST knows how to fully sanitize hard drives and has the machinery to completely destroy hard-drives even at your place of business (with a mobile hard-drive shredding machines) as part of the recycling process.
  5. When you state a recycler contracted is facilitating the sanitization or destruction and recycling your material and equipment, follows DoD or NIST, everyone in the department can breathe easier, knowing the extent to which the data security and recycling process has been taken.
  6. The DoD and NIST standards leave very little doubt about the thoroughness of the sanitization on a data containing device.
  7. You receive certificates of data sanitization or data destruction on your devices.
  8. You will know the electronics recycler follows high level, government-regulated standards, and security controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and producing the desired effect in satisfying stated security requirements.
  9. Governmentally specified levels of data privacy and compliancy will always be maintained.
  10. You will receive the government required documentation from the E-Recycler, showing completeness of the process and Chain of Custody documentation.

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