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What you need to know about recycling wearable electronic devices.

southeastern data erecycles wearable electronicsWearable electronics refers to any electronic device that can be worn on a user’s body or physically attached to clothing.

Smart Watches, Google Glass, prototype keyboard gloves, technology integrated into clothing and accessories are popping up all over the place with more such devices being researched in labs across the globe as you read this.

Wearable technology is not only here to stay, but according to investment firm Morgan Stanley, the technology is in its ‘infancy stage’ and will likely grow to a $1.6 trillion business.  That’s a lot of money, and the figure represents a huge number of individual devices, most of which will be replaced with newer models within a year or two of purchase.

This newest step in cutting-edge technology is already having a far-reaching effect on our solid e-waste disposal.  Over 70% of the dangerous heavy metals poisoning our landfills come from electronics.  The rise of personal computers, smart phones, monitors, iPad and tablets have caused a huge increase in this electronic waste.  Companies and individuals were unprepared to deal with this need for proper recycling. Now, the number of potential discarded wearable devices will be taxing these areas even more.

Incorrect disposal of these wearable electronics poses another serious problem--the threat to individual security and the confidentiality of personal data.  

Information on Your Wearable Electronic Device

Most people are unaware of the amount of information that can be retrieved from one of these wearable electronic devices. Think about their use, usually, wearable technological devices have some type of communications ability, allow the wearer to access information in real time, have data input capabilities, and have the capacity for local storage With data storage comes the need to take even more care with the disposal of any device. Considering there are things such as data brokers who collect information from a wide variety of electronic sources, including wearable devices. Collectively, these sources build a picture of you.  

The information collected and moving through wearable devices can include:

  • Name and Address

  • Social Security Number

  • Driver’s License Number

  • Demographic Data such as Age, Sex, Language, Employment

  • Health Information

  • Social Media Connections

  • Home and Neighborhood Data

  • General Interests, Likes and Dislikes

  • Information about your family, whereabouts and tons of other personal data

  • Financial Data, Including General Income Level

  • Purchasing Patterns

  • Vehicle Data

  • Travel and Vacation Information

After all they are designed to make your life ‘easier’.

What to do with your wearable electronic device when no longer in use?

We need to recycle all electronic devices, including the latest in wearable technology, in a responsible manner to help secure the future of the environment as well as the security of our personal information.

When you turn over your electric devices, including those you wear on your body or clothes, to a certified electronics recycler, like Southeastern Data (, you know they are being recycled correctly and securely with absolute peace of mind.  The landfills will not suffer, nor will your personal information fall into the wrong hands.