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television and vhs tapes recyclingSED does not perform pickups at individual residences but residents can drop off items at any of our locations during operating hours. Click Here for our facility locations.


The following items require a recycling fee:
  • All Televisions (televisions are hazardous to recycle due to lead and mercury content) - $35 each
  • Printers and other plastics (ex. VHS tapes) - $0.10lb

Safely Recycling LCD and Plasma Televisions

Southeastern Data recycles LCD TelevisionsIf you purchased a television in the past five years, chances are it was a flat screen with a liquid crystal display (LCD) or plasma. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, many consumers are now purchasing their second or third flat screen television and facing a decision of what to do with the old sets.

There are significant differences in the material that makes up LCD and plasma TVs which can make recycling them tricky but also significantly important. The most important difference is the substantially higher amount of glass in plasma TVs while LCD TVs contain more types and higher amounts of plastic.

Why Federal Agencies, Would Want to Use an Electronics Recycler who follows the Media Sanitization Standards of DoD and NIST for Data Security

SOUTHEASTERN DATA Computer electronic recycler orlando fl how federal agencies can safely recycle computers and electronics e recycling blog

With over 2.7 million employees working within an untold number of departments and agencies, the U.S. government is the largest user and disposer of e-waste in the country.

When it’s time for you, as a Federal agency, to get rid of your old computers, phones and other electronics, what can you do to ensure any data left on these devices is completely wiped out and erased, and the rest of the material is recycled in a way that meets the highest expectations?

Eliminate any Data Security or Business Concerns When Recycling Off-lease Computers, Electronics and Other IT Assets
 southeastern data recycles business it assets and off leased computers

Good for your budget, but what about your data?

Leasing your company’s computers and electronic devices allows you to keep your IT fleet current with the latest technologies, enables you to take control of your monthly operating expenses, and requires no initial monetary outlay. It seems like a perfect solution. But after the lease ends, many organizations face data security concerns relative to the return of their leased equipment. So what should you do to eliminate any data security or business concerns when recycling off-lease computers, electronics and other IT assets?

Smart companies call Southeastern Data.

As experts in computer recycling, data wiping and data erasure, we will collect and remove your off-lease IT equipment directly from your facilities and address your data security concerns in the process. Our services can include the breakdown and removal of off-lease equipment for resale, and in some cases, we can even refurbish the equipment to maximize its resale value.

Your businesses sensitive information will remain safe and sound.

That’s because Southeastern Data provides thorough data sanitization procedures, including removing tags and labels from equipment, overwriting readable hard drives and shredding or destroying inoperable disks to ensure that you’re not exposed to unwanted data leaks or vulnerabilities.

Compliant, green and value-added.

Southeastern Data will help you retire your excess off-lease hardware while acting in the most environmentally-responsible manner. We guarantee compliance with government and state regulations and guarantee any data on your devices will be erased, sanitized or destroyed. With benefits like these, no wonder so many businesses turn to Southeastern Data to resolve their off-lease equipment dilemmas.

Experts in ethical off-lease computer and electronic device recycling.

At Southeastern Data, we are proud to be fully certified and highly responsible computer recyclers. Since 1996, we have provided complete computer and electronic device recycling solutions for thousands of customers. Our unparalleled expertise makes us the data security company of choice for government agencies, hospitals, schools and universities, corporations, municipalities and military installations in and around Orlando, Florida; West Palm, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; North Carolina and Indiana. When you need professional off-lease computer and electronic device recycling, you can trust Southeastern Data.

Do you have off-lease, obsolete or surplus equipment taking up valuable space in your warehouse or office? Across the nation, businesses, government agencies, schools, medical offices and more rely on Southeastern Data for safe, efficient asset removal and computer recycling.

Call 1-800-810-0432 or email to talk to an e-recycling specialist or schedule your businesses off-lease computers and IT equipment removal and recycling with Southeastern Data.


Southeastern Data Accepts E-waste and Electronics from Various Industries

Proper disposal of electronic devices is important for the protection of the environment as well as ensuring the privacy and security of business data in every industry. Computers and electronics contain toxic materials that are hazardous to the environment and hard drives contain proprietary data that require data security wiping or destruction.

 "There’s a smarter place for your old electronics than a landfill."

Technology Devices and Other Items Accepted for E-recycling

Southeastern Data accepts working and non-working computers and electronic devices for e-recycling. If the devices contain electronic circuitry, plugs into the wall and is considered a technology device we can accept it for e-recycling. We accept household items, office equipment, machinery, and all types of computer and networking equipment or devices--old or new. Southeastern Data routinely accepts items for e-recycling from Businesses, Manufacturing Facilities, Schools and Universities, Laboratory and Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Government and Military, Financial, Retail and Food Services organizations--see below for a list of different types of material accepted for e-Recycling


Compliance and Certifications Tied to E-Recycling Services

We always operate in compliance with all federal, state and local requirements. Our facilities are ISO 14001-certified and we’re an approved recycler in Florida and Ohio with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), GRAMS-LECCY, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers (FCFT), Failure Free Operation (FFO), and follow the Department of Defense (DOD) and National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) guidelines for data security. Electronics recycling has never been easier and safer with Southeastern Data!

General Guide and List of Accepted Items

Below is a partial list of the items we accept. Use it as a general guide, however if your device is not on the list give us a call or complete the online form. If we do not accept it we can help you to the right type of organization that can. Businesses can schedule pickups for items and residents may drop off at one of our warehouses in Florida and Ohio.

  • Businesses, Government, Schools and other Organizations - Call Southeastern Data - 1-800-810-0432 to verify or for more information.
  • Large home offices/businesses located in a residential location, with large enough quantity, may be eligible for an e-recycling pickup. Call first to verify and for more information.
  • If an item is not listed and you're unsure if it's acceptable material for e-recycling, call our office or send an email to c to find out more.

"If a device plugs into a wall, it can be recycled!"

Items That May Require a Fee

Please call us in advanced before dropping off CRT monitors, tube or projection televisions, credit card readers or non-working flat panel televisions.

Please do not just show up at one of our facilities with computer, electronics or e-waste material to be recycled. Call first and speak to a Southeastern Data team member to arrange a time and date for a pickup or make an appointment to drop-off.  

Additional E-recycling Fees and Asset Managment Services

E-recycling fees may vary depending on the size, type or condition of the material for recylcing and accepted items may vary location to location.

Hard-drive shredding and on-site hard-drive destruction may incur a per unit or overall additional charge.

Head to our Services pages to learn more about how we manage assets and the additonal services we offer.  For more questions and answers on material accepted, fees or other services, call us 1-800-810-0432 or send an email to  we're here to help.


southeastern data erecycles wearable electronicsWearable electronics refers to any electronic device that can be worn on a user’s body or physically attached to clothing.

Smart Watches, Google Glass, prototype keyboard gloves, technology integrated into clothing and accessories are popping up all over the place with more such devices being researched in labs across the globe as you read this.