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Secure Data Destruction

Ewaste and Electronics Recycling

E-Waste Security is one of the critical steps in ewaste management and recycling. Companies can no longer allow computer hard drives or devices containing any kind of company data out of their custody without first destroying the information or hiring a certified data destruction vendor to do so.

There are a number of options available to secure data of obsolete electronic equipment such as computers or data containing devices.

Data Erasure/Wiping
Typically, most companies consider hard-drive erasure, usually by re-formatting the drive, as adequate security. But re-formatting or using a standard hard drive eraser software program is completely inadequate as data is only hidden and can be recovered. Much more drastic (and time-consuming) measures are required to overwrite the drive. Military grade wiping programs are much more effective but the algorithms employed by these programs are constantly being re-written as data recovery efforts overtake their value.

Degaussing is another data erasure method that uses a magnetic field to scramble the magnetic alignment of data and rendering it unrecoverable.

Data Device Destruction
An entirely different approach to data security is the physical destruction of the hard-drive or data device by drilling, bending, hole-punching or shredding it, the last being the preferable option.

Trying to destroy such data in-house requires specialized knowledge, staff, time and resources and can be costly. Creating a dedicated company team with the specialized training, equipment and software as well as the man-hours dedicated to removing, erasing and destroying data devices, and then scanning and logging all the devices for audit trail purposes before finally disposing of the component parts, is rarely cost-effective for a company. And there is still the issue of corporate liability if the data security measures were inadequate or if the processes were mishandled and a data breach occurred.

A Cost-Effective Alternative
If you are upgrading your computers and decommissioning or recycling your obsolete equipment, a certified data destruction company like Southeastern Data can be a much more cost-effective alternative that guarantees the destruction of your proprietary data and eliminating exposure to information theft or data breaches.

Southeastern Data provides a pick-up service for your company’s obsolete computer equipment and offer free data wiping as part of their recycling program, a true cost savings for businesses worth hundreds of dollars per device. Southeastern Data even offers mobile hard drive shredding services where data destruction is performed on-site at your business location.

Hard drive serial numbers are scanned and logged to provide an audit trail for tracking purposes. Afterwards, a Certificate of Destruction is issued. Such compliance and certification reduces liability associated with data security and allows for verifiable proof of secure data destruction. Southeastern Data offers such Certificates of Destruction free of additional charges.

Southeastern Data is not only a convenient, stress-free alternative but also provides verification and regulatory compliance with data privacy laws such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA, confirming that all digital media and confidential information has been securely destroyed.

These processes save time, effort and cost, making e-waste and electronics recycling easier and more efficient, particularly when compared to the difficulties and expense of trying to do it in-house.

Southeastern Data is a vendor with the proven expertise, processes and track record to insure your e-waste ends up where it is supposed to and not in a landfill or somewhere overseas. It meets all federal regulations for proper e-waste disposal and makes sure that your private data is completely unrecoverable. To learn more or speak to a Southeastern Data team member, send an email to or call 1-800-810-0432