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How to Protect Sensitive Company Information

Data Privacy Day (yes, it really exists) doesn’t come around again until next January, but it’s never too soon to learn some ways we can protect confidential business information.

1: A document management system should be in place. Not every employee needs access to every piece of data.

2: Have a plan in force for the duration each document will be retained. Unneeded documents should be removed from storage and destroyed.

3: Have a shredding policy in place. Have strategically placed bins for employees to leave documents to be shredded.

4: Look into an off-site storage company for critical documents. If you run a smaller company, a safety deposit may work just fine.

5: Password protect all your documents. These can be always be cracked though, so an encryption program is a good idea.

6: Dispose of e-waste properly and make sure all data is completely cleaned from hard drives that you dispose of. Even an old iPhone, Blackberry or Smartphone should be wiped out before getting rid of as well.