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The Importance of Data Destruction

Out with the old computers and in with the new. But, what happens to the information on those discarded hard drives? With the legal ramifications faced by companies who do not deal with this properly, it is important to know how to handle it.

Many companies do it on their own with drive wiping tools, while others outsource this task. There are some questions you should ask a data destruction company you are considering.


What type of destruction method do they use?

Three pass software destruction works best.

What are they doing with any failed drives?

Not every drive can be wiped 100%. It’s important to know what they do in this case.

Are they certified?

There are common certifications for these companies to show what they do. Be careful with uncertified companies.

How do they handle e-waste?

No matter how they destroy the data, there will be electronic waste left over. Use a company that doesn’t send it over to the landfill. Many businesses partner with a qualified e-waste recycler.