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New FBI-Themed Scare-ware making the Rounds

As if wary internet browsers didn’t have enough to worry about. Here we go with yet another scare-ware campaign aimed at surfers, and this time they are claiming to be our own Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Multiple sources have reported on a new scare-ware campaign targeting consumers, and it is using the FBI as its moniker. These impersonations come with e-mails that are marked as being “high priority.”

Typical subject line: “You visit illegal websites

The message itself will then indicate that you have been traced as having visited numerous illegal websites, and instructed to open the attachment and answer some further questions. The attachment will normally be labeled “”

Obviously, users should never click on these types of links. Doing so with this particular attachment will drop a damaging executable file onto your hard drive. The program is currently detected as being Trojan.Zlob.2.Gen.