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Business Hacking at an All-time High

If it seems like you are turning on the TV or reading the newspaper each day, only to hear of another major company being hacked; well, it isn’t a figment of your imagination.

According to a recent study of nearly 600 United States companies, over 90 percent say their computers have been breached by hackers at least once over the past year. The study was done on behalf of Juniper Networks and conducted by Ponemon Research.

About 60 percent say they had at least two breaches within the last 12 months, and half of all the polled companies say they have no confidence that they can prevent an attack.

These numbers are much higher than previous studies, and suggest companies may be losing ground in the battle against unwanted intruders.

The companies chosen for the Ponemon study represent a large variety of enterprises from the public and private sector, from small enterprises having under 500 employees to big businesses with a workforce in excess of 75,000 people. The research study was completed online over a five-day span.