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Dwayne Wade Facing Off Against Texas Hackers

The Miami Heat may have lost out on the NBA title, but Dwayne Wade is headed back to the court in Texas to give it another go. It isn’t the basketball court this time though, it’s the courtroom. Wade isn’t going up against the Dallas Mavericks this time. Instead, he will be facing off with hackers who have illegally accessed many of his online accounts.

Wade, a superstar in the NBA, named a total of 50 “John Does” in his complaint that was filed with the Eastern District of Texas U.S. District Court.

Wade has filed this civil case in the state of Texas because a large portion of the activity supposedly took place in Texas. Wade led the Heat to the 2006 NBA Championship by defeating the state’s own Dallas Mavericks.

Wade is seeking an injunction against the perpetrators, as well as unspecified damages.